Planning Applications

The Society’s planning sub-committee meets each fortnight to consider every planning application submitted for the town. Our comments are then sent to the District Council for their members to consider when these applications come before the Council’s planning committee. All application are considered by our committee but probably only 10% go before the Mid Sussex District Council Planning Committee.

Below are some matters which show the kind of things dealt with by the planning sub-committee:-

Trees. We seek to preserve the town's treescape and we review all applications to remove or redue trees. A recent example is an application to raise the canopy (level of the lowest branches) of a line of oaks and sycamores on the boundary of Winnals Park, where we considered the extent of the proposed work as excessive and like to reduce the screening which these trees afford to houses in Culross Avenue.

Extensions to Buildings. There are frequent proposals to modify existing dwellings by extending floors or adding floors by converting attics. We review these on the basis of planning criteria such as over-development, impact on neighbours, and in-keeping with the style and appearance of adjacent properties.

Major Developments. We have considered in details the proposals for the Bolnore Village development including the Relief Road, and joined with local residents' associations in raising matters of common concern such as the capacity of existing services and access for construction traffic. The completion of the Relief Road is essential before proceeding with further areas of housing development.

There have been very few Planning Applications since 2010 – but here are a few we have commented on during 2011 - 2018




DM/18/4491 41-43 Kents Road. Construction of a single storey two bedroom detached dwelling.

The Society objects to this back garden proposal. It will likely damage adjacent neighbours' facilities and will be diruptive during construction if approved.


DM/18/4293 5 Orchid Park. Proposed two storey extension to front, first floor extension to rear and single storey extension under lean-to style roof. Replace garden shed with brick built cycle store with same footprint.

The Society supports the application as previously agreed but shares the Town Council's concerns regarding loss of light to neighbours. MSDC are asked to obtain a full independent light study review before determination.

Conditions should be applied regarding obscure windows where adjacent properties are overlooked, and to secure neighbours' amenities during construction.


DM/18/4332 Land Adjacent to 15 Harlands Close. Proposed detached 3 bedroom chalet style bungalow located on land adjacent to 15 Harlands Close.

The Society objects as previously stated. This is a speculative back garden development which will infringe on neighbours' amenities.


DM/18/4137 Land North of Birchen Lane Reserved matters application for the approval landscaping pursuant to outline permission DM/15/3415.

It is the Society's view conditions should be applied as specified. There is no justification for the change to Contract conditions.


DM/18/2384 NCP Ltd. Harlands Road Car Park, Harlands Road. The clearance of the site; and the the construction of a building containing 40 residential apartments (17 x 2 bed, 21 x 1 bed and 2 x studios), with associated access, car parking, landscaping and ancillary works). (Amended description and plans received 23 July). (Amended plans received 14 August 2018 showing additional car parking spaces and updated daylighting information received 26 September 2018).

The Society repeats its previous objections to this proposal. In particular the Society is concerned at the failure of the developor to provide the regulation proportion of affordable units.

The Society is also also concerned regarding the loss of light from which some flats in Great Heathmead will suffer if this scheme goes ahead.


DM/18/4169 Old Farm Close Modification of Section 106 agreement dated 26/03/01 between Mid Sussex District Council, Mid Sussex National Health Service and London Quadrant Housing Trust relating to planning permission HH/067/98

The Society objects in principle to this proposal because of the adverse effect that could result in the loss of Social Housing in the area. It is suggested both legal and Housing opinion are sought by MSDC.


DM/18/3856 Westwick 45 Lewes Road Demolition of side garage and construction of a 4 bedroom dwelling with associated landscaping works.

The Society objects on principle to this back garden development proposal. It is unneighbourly and will damage the adjacent conservation area.


DM/17/2551 Bridge Road/Queens Road. Erection of signs for new flats being built.

Whilst having no real objection to this proposal, the Society would ask that MSDC ensures that the signs do not obstruct the outlook from the windows of neighbouring properties.


DM/18/3221 11 Beech Hurst Close. Erection of house.

The Society objects to this proposal It is an inappropriate garden development which would harm the street scene and the character of the area. The siting, layout and proposed design are out of keeping with the neighbouring properties and would likely adversely affect the adjacent conservation area. Overall the proposal is unneighbourly and would harm the neighbours amenities, overlooking the immediate neighbour. The pporposal suggest little amenity space for the new house.


DM/18/3066 50 The Broadway. Provision of flat above Indian Takeaway

The Society supports the proposal for the first floor flat but objects to the dropped curb element of the proposal. Loss of parking provision on the road and the fact that no other Broadway property has this provision, coupled with concerns regarding the tree on the forecourt are the main reasons.


DM/18/2384 NCP Ltd, Harlands Road Car Park, Harlands Road

The Society objects to this propsal because the Disctrict Council requirement for 30% Affordable Housing has not been provided for.


DM/18/2581 21-23 Perrymount Road

The Society is supportive of this scheme but shares the Town Council's concerne regarding parking inadequacies


DM/18/2420 15 Harlands Close.

The Society objects to this proposal on grounds that it is a garden development which is inappropriate in this location and is an overdevelopment of the site. Further the scheme, if approved, will damage the street scene and adversely affect neighbours' amenities. It is the Society's view the proposal fails to meet the Neighbourhood Plan requirements.


DM/18/2464 The Sales Barn, Parkfield Way. Change of use from (Class B1) to Children's Day Nursery (Class D1). Erection of bin and cycle stores, external plant; erection of railings around the site and sufacing of garden area. Changes to existing car park to increase parking spaces from 15 to 25; creation of separate points of access/egress; alteration to bunding; additional landscaping and provision of low level lighting.

No objection


DM/18/2093 Linden House, Birch Avenue Proposed 3 storey house with Juliette balconies to front and rear first floor elevations, two dormer windows to rear elevation, attaced double garage and new access onto Birch Avenue. Proposed 1.8m high closed panel fencing to rear.

The Society objects to this scheme as it did with previous proposals. It appears to be a complete overdevelopment of the site, is not appreciative ofneighbours' amenities, and is generally not suitable for this location. Wildlife in the area and local woodland would be adversely affected.


DM/18/2138 41 Newton Court, Perrymount Road Replacement fence to southern boundary fronting Church Road

The Society supports the proposal provided the public footpath is protected.


DM/18/2083 Flinders Coffee, 101 South Road. Variation of condition 2 of planning permission DM/16/3182 - to change opening hours from 0830 - 1730 Monday to Sunday, to 0800 - 2300 Monday to Saturday and 0800 - 1730 Sundays.

The Society supports this proposal on the understanding that the extended use does not encroach on the public pavement


DM/18/0421 Linden House, Southdowns park. Demolish existing vacant building and erect 14 unit apartment block.

The Society supports the proposal provided the appropriate percentage of affordable housing is supplied by the developer. The Society expect MSDC to impose conditions which protect local neighbours during demolition and construction and after development is complete.


DM/17/2551 Bridge Road/Queens Road Proposed 6 No. identification signs at Bridge Road and 1 directional sign at Mill Green Road (amended plans received 26 Januray 2018)

The Society requests that all signage be sited and at a height which is unobtrusive to neighbours and not a road safety hazard


DM/18/0194 Penland Farmhouse, Hanlye Lane, Cuckfield Variation of Condition 11 (site access) and 26 (approved plans) and removal of Condition 19 (Contamination) relating to permission ref DM?16/1803.

The Society has no basic objection but requests that no further tress should be removed as a result of the variations


DM/17/5083   Land West of Butlers Green House, Butlers Green Road, Haywards Heath. Erection of single dwelling, garage, access point.

The Society joins with the Town Council in objecting to this application. In particular the Society is concerned this proposal could further erode the small gap that remains between Cuckfield and Haywards Heath. It is almost certain to have a damaging effect on the neighbouring listed buildings, and a new access point onto an already fast and dangerous main road into and from the town, and adjacent to busy roundabouts, would seem unwise. The Society joins with the Town Council in noting this site is outside the adopted Neighbiourhood Plan built up area. The Society respectfully requests members to refuse thsi application.


DM/17/4804Sergison Arms, Butlers Green Road Installation of external illuminated signage.

Whilst supportive in general to the proposals, the Society is of the opinion the signage and provision of statues, jumbrellas, lighting etc. is inappropriate for this site and is detrimenta; to the listed building. In addition, it is believed such proposals may all contribute to a a traffic hazard on a busy roundabout route. It is suggested MSDC must obtain the opinion of Conservation and Listed Building aspects, before determining the scheme proposals.


DM/17/4793 Sergison Arms, Butlers Green Road Provision of a bull statue, 2 jumbrellas, lighting on fence posts, external cold store, yard fence and various other minor works.

Whilst supportive in general to the proposals, the Society is of the opinion the signage and provision of statues, jumbrellas, lighting etc. is inappropriate for this site and is detrimenta; to the listed building. In addition, it is believed such proposals may all contribute to a a traffic hazard on a busy roundabout route. It is suggested MSDC must obtain the opinion of Conservation and Listed Building aspects, before determining the scheme proposals.


DM/17/4772 Sergison Arms, Butlers Green Road. Provision of a bull statue, 2 jumbrellas, lighting on fence posts, external cold store, yard fence and various other minor works.

Whilst supportive in general to the proposals, the Society is of the opinion the signage and provision of statues, jumbrellas, lighting etc. is inappropriate for this site and is detrimenta; to the listed building. In addition, it is believed such proposals may all contribute to a a traffic hazard on a busy roundabout route. It is suggested MSDC must obtain the opinion of Conservation and Listed Building aspects, before determining the scheme proposals.


DM/17/4760 2 Renfields Erection of 1.83m fence to front and side of property with a side gate

The Society is of the opinion the proposal is out of keeping with the area and will damage the street scene. In addition, the wildlife areas adjacent to the site may be adversely affected


DM/17/4464 Sergison Arms, Butlers Green Road 1no. non-illiminated post mounted pictorial sign, 2no. post mounted double sided internally illuminated signed. 2no. externally illuminated fascia signs. 1no. internally illuminaated sascia sign. 1 no. set of individual letters non-illuminated.

Whilst supportive in general to the proposals, the Society is of the opinion the signage and provision of statues, jumbrellas, lighting etc. is inappropriate for this site and is detrimenta; to the listed building. In addition, it is believed such proposals may all contribute to a a traffic hazard on a busy roundabout route. It is suggested MSDC must obtain the opinion of Conservation and Listed Building aspects, before determining the scheme proposals.


DM/17/2384 NCP Ltd, Harlands Road Car Park




DM/17/4200 40 Sergison Road T1 Conifer - Fell

Defer to Tree Officer, MSDC


DM/17/23116 Braydells, Hurstwood Lane Proposed erection of two detached dwellings and detached garages; erection of garage for Braydells and modification to existing vehicular access.

The Society is opposed to garden developments of this type which significantly alter the street scene and make further inroads into the rural approaches to the town. However, as other properties in this lane have had similar applications approved, the Society makes no specific objection to this scheme.


DM/17/2492 Workshop and Garages, North Road Demolition of existing single storey shed, change of use of site from B1 (light industry) to C3 (dwelling houses) and development of 6 no. two storey residential properties and 1 single storey dwelling.

The Society objects to this proposal on grounds of over development of the site. In addition the proposed properties have limited amenity space, parking and turning areas. Access to the site is very restricted with poor visibility onto North Road which is a dangerous road already restricted to traffic. The access road is narrow and unsuited to emergency and trade vehicles.


DM/17/2300 43 The Broadway. Demolition of rear single storey buildings and construction of a three-storey building to creat 3 no. self-contained flats.

No objection


DM/17/2195 The Lodge, Colwell Road Demolition of existing building and erection 2 no. semi-detached houses and associated parking.

No objection


DM/17/2328 Heath Square, Boltro Road. Proposed change of use from office use (Class B1(a) to 6 dwellings (Class C3)

No objection


DM/17/0852 St Francis Sports and Social Club, Colwell Road. Addition to existing building to create new community hall with ancillary meeting room facilities, site museum, wc,shower and changing facilities, plus parking and external works. Amended drawings and supporting documens received, dated 5 June 2017.

No objection


DM/17/0683 1 Bridge Road Demolish the existing single storey commercial buildings and construct 9 2 bedroom flats with associated landscaping

No objection


DM/17/1756 Land to the side of Thurlestone, Rocky Lane. Proposed 2no. 2.5 storey, 4 bedroom semi-detached dwellings including associated carparking via existing access..

The Society objects to this proposal and in doing so concurs with the views previously expressed by the Town Council. The increase in traffic on the Relief Road following recnt and future developments add to the traffic safety concerns previously expressed.


DM/17/1615 23-25 Bolnore Road. Demolition of dwelling at No.25 and garage at No.23 Road and redevelopment to for 16 sheltered dwellings, including communal facilities, access, car parking and landscaping.

The Society has no objection to the scheme but regrets the need to demolish one of the older historic houses of the town. If approved, MSDC should impose strict demolishing and traffic management control conditions


DM/17/1259 Land to the rear of 14 and 16 Dellney Avenue. Construction of 1 no. residential (Class 3) unit, access, parking and associayed works.

No objection


DM/17/0920 Haywards Heath Baptist Church, Sussex Road Demolish existing church, replacing with larger chuurch, with cafe/kitchen facilities, hall, offices and meeting rooms.

No objection


DM/16/5474 Land to the rear of 14 and 16 Dellney Avenue. Construction of 1 residential (Class C3) unnit, access, car parking and associated works.

No objection


DM/17/0852 St Francis Sports and Social Club, Colwell Road Additions to existing building to create new community hall with ancillary meeting room facilities, site museum, WC, shower and changing facilities, plus parking and external works.

The Society has no objections to the proposal but requests MSDC to enforce any contract conditions which seek to secure the neighbourhood amenties and ensure adequate vehicle movements both during and after construction.


DM/17/0331 Gamblemead, Fox Hill Proposed application of 151 dwellings (30% of which will be affordable) with associated landscaping open space and car and cycle parking

The Society has no objection in principle to this proposal. However, the Society has some concern regarding access onto the Wivelsfield Road, and with regard to the building of units, this area is prone to flooding. It is also of concern that some of the proposal involves flatted units where the Society believes small family houses would be more beneficial.


DM/16/5540 73 Priory Way Erection of Incidental Outbuilding to provide a games room.



DM/17/0124 18-20 Sussex Road Change of use from restaurant to retail shops with a proposed single storey rear extension, replacement windows and shop front.



DM/16/5629 Little Oldfield, Snowdrop Lane Two storey side extension incorporating existing garage building.



DM/16/5547 Land South of Old Rocky Lane Reserved matters of application of 30 residential units including details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.

The Society has no objections but would request MSDC to ensure the effective landscaping of the area, the preservation of all trees and the protection of amenities for neighbours


DM/16/5430 48-50 Barnmead Reinstatement of property into two single dwellings.



DM/16/4988 BALDWINS, 120 South Road Conversion of existing unit A2 1.5 ffloors into 2 flats, 1 x 2 bed flat, 1 x 3 bed flat (C3) LDC



DM/16/4965       Brambletyne, 5 The Rushes Chestnut (T5) fell

Defer to Tree Officer MSDC
DM/16/4816 20 Beech Hill. T1 Sycamore, Fell - DEFER TO TREE OFFICER MSDC
DM/16/4731 1 Oathall Avenue T12 Variegated Thuja, Fell ( amended description)
Defer to Tree Officer MSDC
DM/16/4571 Land adjacent to Aspen Walk New end of terrace 3 bedroom dwelling on plot parking and associated crossover.
The Society has some concern regarding vehicle access to the proposed property and to the limited amenity space that is planned.
DM/16/4448 14 Drummond Close Two storey side extension, single storey front extension, new access and parking area.
No objection in principle, but the side 2 storey extension would appear to be obtrusive to neighbours, also some concenrns re vehicle access.
DM/16/4337 & DM/16/4357 The Priory, Syresham Gardens Conversion of former convent building (B1 and D1 use) and part of former Chapel (A3 use) to 41 residential (17 x 1, 17 x 2 and 7 x 3 bedroom flats) together with associated inetrnal and external alterations. Construction of one new build residential units 94 x 1 bedroom and 8 x 2 bedroom flats0. Reconfiguration of on-site car parking, provision of cycle parking and new hard and sft landscaping works.
The Society is generally supportive of the proposals and is satisfied with the improved design of the new build, being more compatable with the Listed Building. It is regrettable the Chapel is not included in the proposals because the condition of the building is rapidly deteriorating. The Society is concerned at the lack of parking facilities proposed.

DM/16/4097 The Old Forge, 16, Lucastes Avenue Single storey extension to front elevation of property (amended drawings 20/12/16)


DM/16/3998 Land at Rogers Farm, Fox Hill Outline application for the redevelopment of up to 40 residential units including proposed access
No objection in principle but the Society has concerns regarding this scheme which appears to be outside the N.P. area. The Society also has concerns regarding the building of propertuies in an area prone to flooding and where vehicle and pedestrian access on the Wivelsfield Road will add to an already dangerous existing situation.
DM/16/3892 24 Lucastes Avenue Fell Cypress tree
Defer to Tree Officer MSDC
DM/16/3682 29 Muster Green South Fell three Leylandii Cyprus (T1, T2, T3 trees and a Canadian MapleT4)
Defer to Tree Officer MSDC
DM/16/3614 54 Sergison Close 1) Sycamore tree in No.56 Removal of lowest branch overhanging No.54 and reduce overhanging branches by 5 meters 2) Hawthorn tree in No.54. Fell tree 3) Ash tree in No 52 Removal of lowest limb back to fork, reduce overhanging limbs by 3 meters 4) Oak tree in No.52 Reduce overhang by 2.5 meters max.
Defer to Tree Officer MSDC
DM/16/3039 Land to the West of Beech Hurst, Butlers Green Road Amendment to Condition 3 relating to planning application 13/01088?REM to allow a revised list of drawing numbers detailing amendments to the overall scheme.
No objection providing amendments are completed as specified
DM/16/2153 About the Girl Ltd, 41 Wivelsfield Road. Conversion of a three bedroom flat into 1 x 1 bedroom ground floor flat and 1 x 2 bedroom first floor flat.
The Society has no objection to this proposal but has concern regarding the parking arrangeents at the site both during and after works.
DM/16/1978 27A and 27B Allen Road. Proposed alterations to existing building and addition one new building to allow a total of 5 flats with associated refuse storage, cycle and car parking, rear gardens for private external amenity space and a shared communal garden to the rear of the property accessed through a side gate.
The Society is of the view the propsal in an overdevelopment of the site and is out of keeping with neighbouring properties. The Society objects to garden developments in such areas. It is unclear where any amenity space will be provided.
DM/16/1878 48 Turners Mill Road. Demolition of existing single storey garage and dining room to be replaced with a 3 storey, 1 bedroom self-contained dwelling.
The Society believes the proposal to be quite unsuitable for this site. The proposed property will have little amenity space.
DM/16/1803 Land at Penland Farm, Balcombe Road Full application for the development of 210 dwellings (C3), means of access from Hanlye Lane and a new roundabout junction on Balcombe Road, the provision of new internal access roads and foot paths, details of site levels, landscaping and open spaces, drainage measures and associated infrastructure. The development includes demolition of existing structures.
No further comment to that made previously
DM/16/0466 48 Turners Mill Road Demolition of existing ground florr single storey garage and dining room and replace with a 3-storey 2 bedroom self contaained dwelling.
Whilst not objecting in principle, the Society has concerns the proposal may be an overdevelopment of what is a small site. In addition, the proposed housing unit appears to have limited amenity space and parking facilities

DM/16/0472 Land at Penland Farm, Hanlye Lane. Removal of 59 trees to be replaced on a 2 for 1 basis on site and elsewhere to facilitate new development and avoid nesting season.

The Society defers to the Tree Officer
DM/15/5023 167 Hoblands -Proposed two storey side extension and conversion to form two 3 bed dwellings.
The Society believes the scheme is an overdevelopment of the site. Concerns also exist regarding the scheme's effect on street parking and the lack of amenity space within the proposals.
DM/15/5107 Land South, Old Rocky Lane Outline application 30 residential dwellings.
Whilst having no objection in principle of development on this infill site, the Society regrets the need for flats in this location. The Society is concerned about the effect on adjacent premises including listed building. It is our view small family housing units should have been considered.
DM/15/4862 Land South of Sunte House. Change of paddock use to allow residential development of 8 dwellings.
Whilst recognising the difference between this scheme and others recently submitted in this area, the Society remains concerned regarding the likely impact on adjacent listed buildings and their settings, and on local neighbourhood amenities and infrastructure. The Society believes this is yet another scheme which, if approved, will make unwarranted intrusion into a distinctive rural approach to the town of Haywards Heath and will destroy the character of this part of te town and district.
DM/15/4930 Land 55 Lewes Road Erection of 7 dwellings from access road
The Society continues to object to propsals which erode the rural surroundings of Haywards Heath and the character of the approaches to it. The local street scene and conservation area would, in our view, be substantially weakened should this scheme be approved. The Society holds further concerns regarding access onto Lewes Road and further damage to local amenities and infrastructure.
DM/15/2074 12 Lucastes Lane - New 2 story detached dwelling
The Society objects in principal to this garden development proposal. It is quite unsuitable for the area and will damage the local street scene, and have an adverse effect upon neighbouring properties
DM/15/2091 Land N/E Sunte House - Detached 2 storey dwelling house
The Society objects to this infill development proposal. It will have a detrimental effect on the listed building and on the amenities of Birchen Lane
DM/15/2093 Land Bennetts Rise/The Willows, Southdown Park - Development of 13 dwellings
The Society has no objection in principle but has some concerns regarding access to the site and increase in traffic onto Colwell Road area. The society is also concerned this site us yet another piecemeal infill small development which has been a feature of previous planning applications over the whole of Southdown Park
DM/15/2128 Land Adjacent to Hazelgrove Road - 2 semi detached 5 bedroom houses
The Society has no objection in principle to the development of this site but has concerns regarding loss of valuable parking space for local businesses. The scheme proposed is for large dwellings in a comparatively restricted area. It is unlikely the properties will have limited amenity areas. In addition, the society is concerned regarding vehicle access to the site with St Joseph’s Way and Hazelgrove Road already congested with local traffic and retail unit deliveries.
14/02774/FUL Land at rear 22 Gower Road - Demolition of existing building and erection of 5 dwellings.
  • No objection in principal but some concern regarding overcrowding and lack of amenity space.
14/02529/FUL    36 Lewes Road – Construction of two storey detached house with attached garage and new access drive –  
  • The Society strongly opposes this garden development for reasons previously  communicated to you with regard to other similar proposals. In this case the Society notes the proposals are for development within the Lewes Road Conservation Area.  It is believed this scheme is another unwarranted intrusion into the green countryside around our town and that the council’s policies as they relate to the preservation of such areas should be enforced.  The Society believes this proposal will damage the nature and character of the area and significantly affect the local street scene. In addition, the Society is concerned at the intended removal of significant trees and vegetation from the site to facilitate the development, with the resulting adverse effect on any wildlife in the area.
    Access to the site is of major concern to the society both during and after development.  The road is excessively used and has a poor safety record.  Visibility entering and leaving the site will be a problem.
    The Society believes the proposed dwelling is unsuitable for this location, and will suffer natural light deficiencies no doubt at some stage requiring additional plans for garden clearance.
14/02413/FUL Land to rear of 12/14 Lucastes Lane - Two new dwellings on land at rear of those 2 properties
  • The Society objects to this proposal considering it to be obtrusive to neighbouring properties, overcrowding the site and yet another garden infill proposal which is damaging to the locality and to which the Society is strongly opposed
14/02328/COU Western Cars (UK) Ltd - 143a South Road - Office change to taxi office
  • The Society has considerable concern regarding taxi parking and the movement of traffic in and out of a restricted opening which is shared by other business and residential users.
14/02316/FUL 44 Priory Way - Free standing storage shed
  • The Society is of the opinion that this is an obtrusive proposal which will dominate neighbouring gardens.
14/02017/PDOFF Milton House, Milton Road - to determine if prior approval is necessary for conversion of offices to 21 residential apartments
  • While the Society has no actual objection to this scheme it does wonder whether it is the best place to site dwellings in the centre of a one-way system
14/01927/FUL Land rear of 14/16 Dellney Avenue - Pair of semi-detached dwellings
  • The Society is concerned at the inappropriate use of garden land and the possible unneighbourly development. There is too much crowding of property in this scheme.

14/01335/FUL Oaks, 36 Paddockhall Road - Resubmission 13/03436/FUL - 14 2-bedroom apartments

  • The Society's comments on this scheme previously submitted still apply. Please refer to these

14/00209/FUL Land North of Birchen Lane - 48 dwellings - Revised information, Great Crested Newts

  • The Society's previous objection to this scheme still applies. Please refer to these.
14/00398/FUL Education Centre, 17 Boltro Road, Rear site - Change of use to 13 flats
  • No OBJECTION - but reservations concerning access and parking issues
13/04256/FUL Mid Sussex Magistrates Court, Bolnore Road - 39 Sheltered Flats for the elderly
  • NO OBJECTION - but some concern regarding access onto Bolnore Road. There may be access problems for residents on higher floors
13/03472/OUT Penland Farm - 210 dwellings, access roads, etc.
  • Please note this application has already been objected to by the society's previous correspondence. Despite the dwelling reduction and amendments to landscape buffers, the society is still of the view that this proposal is inappropriate for the site and local community, and the overall presents an unwanted incursion into the local rural environment.
14/00209/OUT Land North Birchen Lane
  • The society's objections to this plan are contained in a seperate letter to the council
14/00264/REM Bolnore Village 4B a5 - The society's views were expressed when the application 04/02681/OUT was considered for phases 4/5.
13/3677/FUL 12 Manaton Close (garden of). Revised parking arrangements for new dwelling.
  • We object on the basis of overdevelopment and of risk to trees.
13/02436/FUL The Oaks, Paddockhall Road. Demolish exisitingstructure and rebuild with 14 apartments plus car parking spaces. Earlier 09/03631 approved but now lapsed
  • Key roads are not named on the current location plan. The proposed rear elevation may be visually overwhelming to properties downhill of the site.
13/03472/OUT Land at Penland Farm. Build up to 235 new dwellings, and new roundabout on Balcombe Road.
  • This will be an urban intrusion into the pleasant countryside, to which we object on principal. There is also the possibility of traffic difficulties in Balcombe Road.
13/03135/PDOFF Broadway Chambers, The Broadway.  Prior notification of change of use from office on first floor to 4 residential dwellings.

The written application is too thin on details to attract comment.

13/03082/FUL Ashton House, residential and nursing home, Bolnore Road. 18 x 2-storey semi-detached and terraced houses, with amenity amd 36 parking spaces

.We note that MSDC has some reservations on the site layout.  The comments in our letter dated 31.05.2012 on application 12/01539OUT stand.

13/02587/FUL Land south of Sunte House, Gander Green.  Build fifteen house with garage/parking. Form driveways and upgrade existing access.

The location plan is unclear on the site position.

A previous application was refused. MSDC’s Housing Supply document of 2013 and the Strategic Housing Land Appraisal of 2010 considered this land unsuitable for development because of impact on the two nearby listed buildings.  We also question the suitability of Gander Green as an access for construction traffic to the site, and we object to the application on both these grounds.
13/02827/FUL 90 Harlands Road. Remove rear conservatory, convert integral garage to habitable use, single-story extensions both sides, two story rear extension and new porch.

Major complex proposals that will impact on the street scene. The first floor extension will be obtrusive to No.88.  The general impression is overdevelopment, and we object.

13/02861/FUL  25 Gander Hill.  Two storey extension front and rear. Detached garage at front.

The new garage is shown isolated in the front garden and close to the road boundary.  This will be obtrusive and out of character with the street scene, and we object.

13/2878/FUL  12 and 14 Lucastes Lane. Two new dwellings at rear.

he new dwellings are shown in the rear gardens of the two houses, and therefore constitute backland development, out of keeping with the local area.  We are concerned that this may set a precedent.

13/02892/COU 2-8 Sussex Road.  Change from retail to children’s’ play area, to include sale of light foods and drinks.

The road is heavily trafficked and the site I quite unsuitable for children’s’ access and use.  We object.

13/02225/FUL 10 Birchen Lane. New two storey side extension and single storey rear extention.
A major development that obtrucsive to neighbours.
13/02217/FUL 35 Farlington Avenue. Two front dorma windows, loft extention and front porch. Also, rear droma under permitted development.
We are concerned that the sty;e of the building will be completly changed.
13/01970/FUL 17 Bluntswood Road.New dwelling and front extention to exisiting bungalow
The location plan is inadequate, with no road names. This should be re-submitted. The existing bungalow will become a 2 storey house. No objection in principal.
13/01776/FUL Land rear of Reed Pond Walk, Franklands Village. Eighteen flats in three blocks.
In our letters dated 29th April 2010 and 31st October 2012 we repeated our reservations concerning land instability at this site. Our concerns remain
13/06/01677/FUL 1 to 3 Church Road. Demolish existing buildings, except electricity sub-station; build 42 apartments in three to four storeys in two blocks. The road safety audit recommends that the existing vegetation at the site access should be removed to maintain visibility, and the ecological appraisal suggests that bird & bat boxes should be installed.

P54 in the planning issues refers to the use of "Air Source Heat Pumps for space heating", but it states that "It is not yet practical or viable to build a development of this scale on this site." This apparent conrtradication should be resolved .There is a similar confusion in the feasibility of installing soak away drainage on the site.

There appears to be no exterior fire escapes. Should this be considered. We have no other comments.

13/01551/FUL Sight Savers, Grosvenor Hall, Bolnore Road. Change of use of officesand two out-buildings to 10 residential units with parking.
The Planning Statement lists 13 new residential units including three new build houses in place of part of existing building to be demolished. A fifteen metre buffer zone is to be provided for the woodland except that two gardens are within that zone. A recommendation has been made, and should be followed, that a site investigation is required to determine the permeability of the underlying geological formation and the depth to the water table.No other comment and no objection in principle.
13/01550/FUL 9 Summerhill Close. Repeat application. Demolish single storey front extension and build two storey extension to front, sides and rear.
Previous application 12/02410 was approved. This current application increases depth of front extension to 0.54 meters. The proposed two storey extension will be major and may be obtrusive to Nos. 7 & 11.
The ground floor plan does not identify the extension to be demolished.
13/01493/FUL Summerlands Care Home, Summerhill Lane. Erect summer house as office, erect two side extensions and a front extension.
The complex plans need clarification, but no objection in principal.
13/01491/FUL 69 Oathall Road. Erect orangery, and partial conversion of garage.
In the absence of a block plan it is difficult to identify some of the proposed buildings. More details needed.
13/01223/FUL 29 Pasture Hill Road. Extend existing number 29 to form new attached dwelling and build two detached dwellings with parking spaces and new double garage.
A cramped arrangement that confuses the street scene. We object on the grounds of over development.
13/01079/CND Elan Nursery, 59 Perrymount Road. Change of use of ground floor to day nursery and increase number of children from 54 to 72. Use forecourt for parking. Informal arrangement with Waitrose for more spaces if needed. Parking for up to 15 spaces in former bus station.
No plans submitted to show any more toilet or security facilities.
13/01077/FUL 9 Burchettes Close. Proposed attached two storey one bedroom house.
The ground floor toilet will have direct access to the room on that floor. A cramped and undesirable feature.
13/01057/FUL 9 Farlington Avenue. Two storey rear extension, alterations to roof, front entrance & porch.
The rear extension is major and will be obtrusive to numbers 7 & 11. We object
13/01015/FUL 10 Orchard Way. Two storey extension front & rear. Demolish existing rear extension, garage & lean to. Convert integral garage into study.
With no garage, what are the proposals for on-site parking?
HH/13/00903/EOT Junction of Milton Road & Paddockhall Road. Build 3 to 4 storey office block with car parking (former 10/00216/FUL) or 00904/EOT residential 14 by 2 bed flats (former 10/00062/EOT)
The applicant has not yet decided which option to pursue. Consideration should be given to the heavy traffic at this junction.
HH/13/00885/FUL 57 Penland Road. Demolish porch and lean to. Build two storey rear extension.2/3rds of existing integral garage to be used to extend living area.
The proposed North West rear elevation with dramatic window is out of keeping with the house style and neighbouring properties. We object on the basis of over development.
HH/13/00739/FUL 5 Gander Hill. Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.
The first floor side extension may be over-bearing on number 7.
HH/13/00654/FUL 70 Lewis Road. Rear extension and replacement garage.
Plans appear to show that number 72 is part of the same building, though the existing access serves only number 70. Is this true? No other comment.
13/00435/FUL 57 Turners Mill Road. Demolish garage and part -2 storey, part single storey extension to house.
The proposals appear to include also an integral garage. The proposed North elevation and drawing 726/2 seems to differ form that on drawing 726/1. There appears to be no staircase to serve the first floor. These points should be cleared.
13/00434/FUL & 13/00436/LBC 70 Sunnywood Drive. Alterations to garage roof including an upstand to front elevation. Retrospective. An enforcement notice has been served and appealed against.
The proposed alterations detract from the street scene.
13/00398/FUL 25 New England Road. Build above rear extension to create one bedroom flat.
The proposals include also an external staircase at the rear. Submissions include plans of the existing floor not of the proposed floors.
The drawings of the proposed roof extension do not detail the new bedroom. We object on the basis of inadequate information.
13/00367/EOT 36 Paddockhall Road. Extension to application 09/03641/FUL
We objected to the new flats proposed in the earlier application and we maintain our objection. Our letter dated 3.3.10 refers.
13/00371/FUL 36 Gordon Road. 2-storey side extension.
We maintain our earlier objection to the proposed extension as being out of keeping with nearby properties.
13/02091/FUL St Edmunds Road. Resubmission of application 12/03574/FUL. Demolish "Mid Tress" and build 3 detached dwellings.
A cramped development. The proposed dwellings are very small. Would not 3 bungalows be more appropriate?
13/00083/FUL Former Public House “Mayflower”.  See also 13/00089  below. Convert upper floor to two 2-bed flats. Associated car-parking.
  • In general the proposals are none too clear.  The drawing of the 1st floor plan has been offset during printing, so that part of the drawing is missing.  The two elevations on drawings 4208-125B and 4203-100 look identical.  The first floor plan shows three small roofs over the flat roof.  What is the purpose of these small roofs? The common exit from the further of the two flats looks too complex for emergency use.
  • The location of No.19 is not explicit on the site plan. Drawings AGA/12/11 and 12 show proposed sections which do not appear related to the other drawings.
  • We object to the application until these queries have been resolved.
12/04334/FUL  29 Greenways. Resubmission of 12/02604(withdrawn). Provide two new 2-bedroom flats in 2-storey side extension.

According to the block plan the corner of the proposed extension appears to abut the edge of the access driveway to the garage.  This looks too close, and should be reviewed.  The manoeuvring space for the 5 new parking spaces seems inadequate and this may add to current local on and off site parking problems.

12/0397/FUL/ 36 Gordon Road. Side extension with dormer.
Not in keeping with the neighbouring bungalows. We object.
12/03574/FUL Mid Trees and Stumps, St Edmunds Road. Demolish Mid Trees and build two pairs of semi-detached houses in its place.
The internal arrangements of the new houses looks very cramped. The main entrance directly into the kitchen is undesirable. The manoeuvring space outside the garage to house No.4 appears inadequate. We suggest that the proposals are an overdevelopment and that the above matters be reconsidered before proceeding.
12/03103/FUL Sightsavers, Grosvenor Hall. Convert 5 units to residential use, and build 3 new residential units, with some encroachment on Reading Wood.
We object to the design of the three proposed new residential units, which are out of keeping with the existing Hall development, and to the intrusion of the proposed development into the Ancient Woodland.
HH/12/02935/FUL Haywards Heath Railway station. Demolish buildings in Perrymount Road and redevelop site o include a supermarket and parking spaces for station users.
We approve of the proposals in general, with reservations concerning
The little improvement to station parking. More is needed
Transport not fully integrated
The overall design could be a little more traditional in style
The potential effects on local shops.
Drawing 50011/PL200 shows but does not identify the elevation to Market Place.

HH/12/02108/FUL 4 Farlington Avenue. Rear extension and ground level alterations.

A major conversion of a bungalow to a 2-storey house. We object on the same grounds as for earlier application HH/12/00910/FUL in our letter dated 12.4.12.
HH/12//01245?ADV 26 Haywards Road. Advertisements.
We query the need for any-advertisement at all for this long established dental practice , and we raise concern for the blocking of sight for traffic from Park Road.
HH/12/01934/REM Bolnore Phase 4C. Reserved matters for 9 dwellings.
No objection, but where and why have the previously proposed retirement flats gone?
HH/12/01930/COND QBA 41 The Broadway. Extend closure hours until 1.30am Sunday to Thursday and until 2.30am Friday and Saturday ‘’for 10 nights a year and New Years Eve.
We object on the grounds of noise and consideration of the residents. We invite attention to the comments in our letter dated 28.05.2010 referring to application HH/10/01470/COND.
HH/12/01946/FUL 167 Western Road. Rear extension and loft conversion.
A shame to lose another bungalow but no planning objection.
HH/12/01714/FUL 17 Wickham Way. First Floor side extension. Rear single and 2-storey extension.
The extension will overlook No 18. We therefore object on the grounds of unneighbourlyness.
HH/12/00910/FUL 4 Farlington Avenue. Rear extension and alterations to bungalow at ground floor level, extension and alteration to roof space. Demolish attached garage.
We object on the grounds of overdevelopment, and we remain concerned at the loss of another bungalow.
HH/11/03745/FUL 12 Manaton Close. Proposed new dwelling at side.
The proposal looks rather cramped, and we object on the grounds of overdevelopment. The submitted photograph refers to the removal of an oak tree but this is not shown on the drawing or mentioned in the Design and Access Statement.
HH/11/02950/FUL Central Sussex College, Harlands Road. Revised application for Phase 3 works.
We refer to our letter dated 18.04.2008 commenting on application 08/01148/REM and in particular our reservations concerning the impact on surrounding residential properties of out-of-hours use of the sports hall and sports courts, and drainage problems to residents of Harlands/Turners Mill Roads consequent on the widening of the access road, and we maintain our objections as stated in that letter. Concerning the reported absence of protected species we note that varieties of bats have been identified.
HH/11/02219/FUL 20 Fox Hill Village. 2-storey rear extension and single-storey front extension.
No formal plans or elevations were seen, but the proposed rear extension shown pictorially, though now reduced in size, remains an obtrusive overdevelopment and we continue to object.
HH/11/02083/TCA 7 Lucastes Avenue. Fell conifer.
We object. The reasons given for felling are that the tree is too large and interferes with the entrance roadway. Size is not a good reason, and any interference could be dealt with by appropriate trimming.
HH/11/01471/FUL 9 Orchard Way. Side and rear extensions.
This work appears to have started. We object on the grounds of over development.
HH/11/01537/FUL 14/18 Kents Road. Demolish existing garages at rear, and build four 2-bedroom houses.
The application states that this is an “outline”, but the proposal appears to be Full. All new dwellings will be in a single block crammed into a restricted plot, and we object on the grounds of over development.
HH/11/01534/FUL 14/18 Kents Road. Extension to form two studio apartments in a link at first and second floor levels over the existing access carriageway to the parking area at the rear.
This unusual a rrangement will join two buildings of quite different styles and ages and will detract from the street scene. We therefore object.
HH/11/01442/LDC 43 Gower Road
There is a titling error on submitted plan no. 2011-007/003 which should be corrected.
The application is for a loft conversion, which is a planning matter and we therefore feel entitled to comment. The proposal will destroy the symmetry of the semidetached building of which No. 43 forms a part, and will seriously detract from the street scene. We therefore object.
HH/11/101702/FUL Knights Court, 48-50 Queens Road. Modification to approved application 05/0205/OUT to provide additional car parking spaces.
We earlier objected on 30.9.2005 to this development on the grounds of inadequate parking facilities. The current proposals look impracticable and likely to interfere with the privacy of occupiers of the ground floor. We object on the grounds of unsuitability and unneighbourliness.
HH/11/00744/FUL 72 Lewes Road. Remove hedge to northern boundary. Build new boundary wall and garage.
The loss of the hedge will detract from the street scene. The garage will visually be very prominent, and the manoeuvring space to the gateway seems awkwardly shaped.
HH/10/02438/FUL 2 Myra Mews. Re-advertisement with no plans
This appears to correct the error in the number of panels to which we referred in our letter dated 22.12.2010. Our objection stands.

In October 2011 we also wrote to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol regarding:-
Land North of Butlers Green Road,Haywards Heath

Dear Sirs,
We understand that Taylor Wimpey, the developer, has lodged an appeal against the rejection of this application by the planning authority Mid-Sussex District Council. We are an amenity Society in Haywards Heath and we wish to put forward our reasons for supporting the Council’s rejection.

1. The land is part of a rural gap between Haywards Heath and Cuckfield. Thte maintenance of this gap has been part of the District Council’s countryside policy, and should not be encroached upon.
2. The development will detract from the appearance of the area and from the enjoyment of people using the public footpath that runs through it.
3. The proposed development will be contiguous with the Lucastes Conservation Area with which its position, style and density will conflict.
4. The proposed housing will generate a volume of traffic beyond the capacity of the road layout and will affect the amenity of the users of Lucastes Road and other approach roads.
5. The surface runoff from the hard area of the development will increase the flood flow in the stream which drains the site and which will affect properties downstream.