Cherished Places

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Beechhurst House Beech Hurst House, Gardens & Quadrangle James Bradford Almshouses James Bradford Almshouses, Butlers Green Road
The Dolphin Inn The Dolphin Inn, Muster Green Cenetaph The War Memorial, Muster Green
Muster Green Muster Green

Victorian/Edwardian houses, south/north of Muster Green
Nat West Bank with the new Aberdeen House, Muster Green Zenith House, (former Station Hotel), Market Place
Former Lloyds Bank. Market Place/Boltro Road The Burrell Arms. Commercial Square
Tudor-style flats and shops, Commercial Square Mill Hill Close conservation area (off Balcombe Road)
Caffyns Volkswagen sales office – Art Deco façade Former H/Hth Building Soc. Offices (now ‘Café Rouge’), The Broadway
Former St. Wilfrid’s School (now ‘Zizzys’ restaurant and Christian Science Reading Room), Broadway ‘The Star’ PH., The Broadway
St. Wilfrid’s Church and former Vicarage, Church Road Oathall Conservation Area, inc. Oathall House & Farlington House (former St. Paul’s College Site)
The Priory Former Artisans’ Houses, Gower Road
Jireh Chapel, Wivelsfield Road Cricket Pavilion, Cricket Ground behind Clair Hall
Former St Francis Hospital    
Other Cherished Places include the following    
19th/20th Century houses at bottom of St John’s Road.
6 Paddockhall Road, now Lucastes Place.
Ashenground House, Ashenground Close.
Boltro Chambers and former Barclays Bank, Market Place
Boltro Chambers,Market Place/Paddockhall Road.
Boltro Farmhouse, Boltro Road
Butlers Green House
Church of The Presentation, off New England Road.
Colemans Solicitors Offices (former ‘Limehurst’), Paddockhall Road
Cottages in Petlands Gardens.
Downlands House. Isaac’s Lane.
Edwardian Houses, Lucastes Avenue
Great Haywards Farmhouse, off Wealden Way.
Grosvenor Hall & former Chapel, Bolnore Road.
Group of early Victorian yellow brick houses to the north of the Duck pub.
Harlands Farm, Barn and Granary, Balcombe Road.
Haywards Heath Hospital Chapel, Butlers Green Road
Haywards Heath Public Library, Boltro Road
Heath Villa, St Joseph’s School, Hazelgrove Road.
Hurstwood Farmhouse & Barns/Cottages, off Hurstwood Lane.
Hurstwood House, off Hurstwood Lane.
Little Haywards Farmhouse, off Courtlands.
Lucas’ House, courtyard and Barn, Lucastes Avenue.
Lucastes Conservation Area
Middle Farm, 26C Oathall Road.
Nursery Cottage, corner of Edward RoadBolnore House & Lodge.. & Wivelsfield Road.
Oaklands House and Gatehouse, Boltro Road
Old Farm Cottages. Rocky Lane.
Penney’s Cottage, Wivelsfield Road. (adj. Dinnages Garage).
Peter’s Cottage. New England Road.
Remaining Artisans’ s/d Cottages, S. end of Hazelgrove Road.
Remaining Victorian/Edwardian Houses, Heath Road.
Residential Houses, lower Boltro and Paddockhall Roads
St Wilfrid’s Churchyard.
St. Paul’s R.C. Church & Hall, Hazelgrove Road.
Stanford Place and adjacent Victorian Houses (now NFU & other shops/offices), South Road.
Steeple Cottage, Butlers Green Road
Summerhill School, Summerhill Lane.
Sunte House, off Birchen Lane.
The Baptist Church. Sussex Road.
The Heath P.H., Sussex Road.
The Lubetkin/Tecton flat roofed houses in Sunnywood Drive.
The Paddocks, Butlers Green
The Yews Boltro Road
United Reform Church, South Road.
Victorian Villas, north side of Sydney Road, western end.
Victorian/Edwardian Villas, southern end of Balcombe Road (west).
Wickham Farm, off Wickham Lane.


Properties we have tried to save but which are now gone:-

The Court House, Boltro Road

The Post Offfice, Boltro Road

Former Victorian Houses,(SE Water Co and Seeboard offices), Church Road.

The Sussex Pub, Sussex Road

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Proposed SItes for Blue Plaques

The Old Court House - Boltro Road
The Yews – Former Post Office
The Old Main Post Office – Boltro Road
Charles Clarke – Boltro Road
Barclays Bank – Boltro Road
Lloyds - Boltro Road
Original Station Entrance – Boltro Road & Clair Road
First Hospital – Ashenground Road
Site of St Wilfrid’s School – Zizzi’s
Hayworth Hotel – Zenith House, Market Place
Site of Cattle Market – Sainsbury’s
Site of First Fire Station – South Road
Dinnages Farm House
Site of the Muster of Civil War – Muster Green
Hayward’s Heath Building Society Offices – Café Rouge
The Cinema – The Broadway
Two Cinemas – Perrymount Road
Bus Station – Commercial Square
Former Vicarage – Church Road
Site of Old Sussex Hall Community Centre – 99p Shop
Beech Hurst Manor House – Quadrangle
The Priory – Franklynn Road
Peter’s Cottage – New England Road
Oathall House – Oathall Road
Alms Houses – Adjacent to The Sergison Arms
Liverpool Arms – The Clair Road Station Car Park
Site of Former National Provincial Bank - The Broadway
Site of Former Midland Bank – The Broadway
The Old Caffyns Garage – The Broadway
The Old Brown’s Garage – South Road




Below is letter received from a former resident of Haywards Heath and we thought you may be interested to read it.

"I was just playing with the computer and I decided to look up haunts of my childhood and I put in Middle Farm, it appears it is still standing. I now live in London.
I lived in Fairford House next door in about 1958 - 1963. It was divided into flats and owned by the electricity board to house some of their employees. It was great childhood as we had vast grounds of woods, streams and an old orchard to play in. Most of us children went to New England Road School, (head teacher Mr Cheal) and although you could get to it by going over a stream and climbing the school's chain link fence and over the school playing field, we had to go round by road.

I was friends with Serena Field at Middle Farm. Her father owner hotels in Brighton and had interests in the building industry. His father-in-law 'farmed' a small holding on the farm and as children we helped collect eggs from chickens, ducks geese etc. He also kept goats and rabbits. When Serena's elder sister married her father built a flat in the hay loft, one of our play area. the dairy he converted into a bunglaow for his in-laws. Even though I was only about 8, I was horrified that he wrecked a fireplace alcove in the old part of the main house to build a cocktail cabinet. I remember the house well, the old part was relatively small and had additions to it. Serena's Mum had an Aga, and a big clothes pully. The eggs were stored ina big pantry, there was a long table in the dining room, and upstairs there were two old bedrooms. Obviously memories from 50 years are not accurate, but i was impressed by the old features even then. The farm had ownership of ponds that we used to catch tadpoles in. There was a very steep drive down to the house that we used to sledge down, as in those days it snoed heavily every year.

In recent years I have only been past the area, I did not realise the farm was still standing. Dear old Fairford House has now disappeared."


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